Defective Cup Holder

A computer manufacture called some of their clients to ask about how much they are satisfied with their computer.

Company: Hi, Im calling from U Computer, you have recently purchased a computer from us.

Client: Oh Yeah.

Company: Are you satisfied with your computer?

Client: Yes, but I dont know why this computer came with a coffee cup holder and after many use its not working.

Company: Odd, we dont sell computer with a computer with a coffee cup holder.

Client: Hmm . . . Yes, there is. It is labeled CD-writer and there is a little button when I press it, a tray comes out and I put the cup on it.

Computer: Sir, it is a compact disc player and writer. It is used for Audio CDs, Software CDs, but not for using it as a cup holder.

Client: Oh, so thats why it broke! Thank you. Bye.

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