Dirty limerick contest

Poza publicata in [ Foul Language ]

This guy enters a contest to see who can write the dirtiest limerick.

He writes a real doozie and figures that hes a lead-pipe cinch to win. Six weeks later he gets a notice in the mail that hes come in second place. Curious as to what could be filthier than the limerick he entered, he calls up the contest judge.

The judge says, Well, you certainly had a fine entry, but there was one that just was hands-down dirtier than yours. Id read it to you, but there are certain words I just cant say over the telephone.

All right, the contestant says, when you come to a word you cant say on the phone, just say the word blank.

So the contest judge says, Good. Heres the winner:

Blankety, blankety, blank

Blankety, blankety, blank.

Blankety blank,

Blankety blank,

Blankety blankety fuck.

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