Doctor, Lawyer, and Biker

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Three men, a doctor, a lawyer, and a biker, were sitting in a bar talking over a few drinks. After a sip of his martini, the doctor said, You know, tomorrow is my anniversary. I bought my wife a diamond ring and a new Mercedes. I figure if she doesnt like the diamond ring, then at least she will like the Mercedes, and she will know that I love her.

After finishing his scotch, the lawyer said, Well, on my last anniversary, I bought my wife a string of pearls and a trip to the Bahamas. I figured if she didnt like the pearls, then at least she would have enjoyed the trip, and she would have known that I loved her.

The Biker then took a big swig from his beer, and said, Yeah, well for my anniversary, I got my old lady a t-shirt and a vibrator. I figured if she didnt like the t-shirt, then she could go f*** herself.

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