El Nino Declared A Hoax

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LOS ANGELES, CA (DPI) — After El Nino brought only moderate rain to the West Coast, the National Weather Service was forced to admit that the much-hyped El Nino was indeed a hoax.

The infamous radar depictions of the swirling weather system were no more than infra-red photographs of a flushing toilet uploaded onto satellites by a couple of teenage pranksters.

In the interest of good taste, the NWS would not describe how the teenagers simulated the Boktu Islands being spun around and swallowed up by the ocean, but admit that maybe someone should have called Boktu before giving the islands Atlantis status.

The NWS confessed that they were surprised people actually listened to their local weather person in the first place, saying, I mean, look at them for goodnesss sake, theyre rodeo clowns in suits.

Reported by Dave James

The Daily Probe, December 22, 1997 daily@walrus.com

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