Executive stress?

heres one for all those who feel tired after a stressful working day…

An executive goes to see his doctor, complaining of feeling worn out all the time due to his long working hours. The doctor asks him a few questions about his lifestyle.

Doc: So, do you and your wife have an active sex-life?

Exec: Yes, doc, twice a day, once in the morning before I go to work and again last thing at night.

Doc: Hmm, and any other love interests?

Exec: Actually, my secretary, twice a day, once at eleven oclock when she brings my mid-morning coffee and again at four oclock when she brings my afternoon tea.

Doc: Hhhhmmmmm, and so you make love a total of four times a day?!

Exec: Actually, I also see my mistress twice a day, at lunch-time and we make love, and I pop round to see her on my way home from work and we make love then, too.

Doc: My God, man, no wonder youre always feeling exhausted! You really must take matters in hand!

Exec: But I do, doc, twice a day…

any resemblances between the characters in this joke and Ralph Halpern are purely coincidental

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