Farmer Jones

Farmer Jones was the most negative man in the world. Farmer Smith was his next door neighbor and a very happy fellow.

Aint it a beautiful day? Farmer Smith would smile

Huh! replied Farmer Jones If it dont rain soon the corns going to burn

Nest day: Aint it nice its raining? asked Farmer Smith

Huh! If it dont stop soon the corns going to drown replied Farmer Jones.

One thing the two had in common was their love of duck hunting. They would compete vigoursly every and took pride in their hunting dogs. Yes, every year Farmer Jones proved to be the best man with the best dogs.

Then, one year, Farmer Smith got the best hunting dog he had ever come across.

Just wait until Farmer Jones sees this-hes gotta say something positive

And so they went duck hunting. As luck would have it, a flock of ducks flew overhead, Farmer Smith took a shot and a duck dropped right in the middle of the pond.

Watch this. he grinned at Farmer Jones. Dawg-go get that duck he ordered his new dog.

The dog ran nimbly to the edge of the pond, and without breaking stride, walked on top of the water, picked the duck up, walked back to shore and deposited the duck at Farmer Smiths feet, with not a feather out of place.

Well smiled Farmer Smith What do you think of my new dog?

Huh! answered Farmer Jones dumb dog cant even swim.

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