Fish who saved a life

One day Nasrudin saw a strange-looking building at whose door a contemplative Yogi sat. The Mulla decided that he would learn something from this impressive figure, and started a conversation by asking him who and what he was.

I am a Yogi, said the other, and I spend my time in trying to attain harmony with all living things.

That is interesting, said Nasrudin, because a fish once saved my life.

The Yogi begged him to join him, saying that in a lifetime devoted to trying to harmonize himself with the animal creation, he had never been so close to such communion as the Mulla had been.

When they had been contemplating for some days, the Yogi begged the Mulla to tell him more of his wonderful experience with the fish, now that we know one another better.

Now that I know you better, said Nasrudin, I doubt whether you would profit by what I have to tell.

But the Yogi insisted.

Very well, said Nasrudin. The fish saved my life all right. I was starving at the time, and it sufficed me for three days.

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