Flasher court case

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The following extraordinary story appeared in a local South African newspaper (The Argus):

LONDON. – A university lecturer whose erect penis popped out during a private lesson with a girl student has blamed his washing machine.

Scientist Ian Rabarts, 53, told a Cambridge magistrate his washing machine was not rinsing properly. Some powder was left inside his underpants.

It caused a rash which made me itch, said Mr Rabarts, so I let my genitals hang out of my briefs.

The father of two said a whiff of student Michelle Sowden-Frosts perfume caused his penis to become erect.

The displacement of my underpants because of the problems with my crotch and the unwitting leaving open of my fly allowed the erection to protrude through the slip of my lab coat. It was an absolutely horrifying situation for me.

The magistrate accepted that the incident was accidental and Mr Rabarts was cleared of indecent exposure.

His wife said they had since bought a new washing machine.

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