Foot tall

A guy walks into a bar and sits down next to a man who has a burlap sack and a little guy about a foot tall sitting on the bar playing a little piano.

The guy that walked into the bar asks the man, Whats in the bag?

The man pulls out a genie lamp.

The guy says, Wow! Can I have one of your wishes?

The man says, I dont know. Rub the lamp and see.

So the guy rubs the lamp and out pops the genie. The genie says, You may have one wish.

The guy wishes for a million bucks. The genie says, Your wish is granted, and goes back into the genie bottle.

Just then one million ducks walk into the bar.

The guy says, I didnt wish for a million ducks.

The man replies, Yeah, and I wished for a twelve inch pianist.

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