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Police in Ohio USA became suspicious of a man, providing them with a urine sample for a drug test, after officers noticed the sample was cold. They were even more astounded to find that the laboratory analysis indicated that the man was also very pregnant.

A Canadian police force drove a second hand patrol car around the city for over a year before finding out that it was actually a stolen vehicle.

A salesman in Australia sold over 5,000 tickets for a Conway Twitty concert before realising the singer died five years ago. Now he has had to refund all the disappointed fans their money.

An Australian expert in social skills, who believes in the power of a firm handshake, is being sued after breaking the fingers of four of his victims.

A Buddhist monk in Cambodia has been thrown out after he was caught singing in a karaoke bar in the city.

French fire fighters were called to deal with a fire in the engine of a delivery truck, which was loaded with fire extinguishers.

A man in Italy was shot with a tranquilliser dart by zoo keepers after he walked through the town dressed as a gorilla for a fancy dress party. The animal experts rendered the convincing lookalike unconscious as he walked the city streets during the evening.

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