Give Bubba a Chance

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It was graduation night at Cox High School and they were about halfway through the ceremony when the principal said, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a problem, Bubba is a few credits short and wont be able to graduate tonight.

Well now, Bubba was the starting right guard for Coxs football team, and when the student body heard that he wasnt going to graduate, they all jumped up and started to chant, Give Bubba another chance, give Bubba another chance!

Pat Dye and the principal had a quick conference and afterward, the principal announced that they have decided to give Bubba another chance. Bubba is told that he will be given a One Question math test and if he passes, he can graduate.

The question is, What is 2 plus 3? Bubba thinks for about 20 minutes and finally says, I have it! The answer is 5!

There is complete silence in the auditorium for a couple of seconds and then the entire Cox High School football team jumps up and begins to chant, Give Bubba one more chance. Give Bubba one more Chance!

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