Go Terps

One day in the University of Wisconsin health center, two college girls are in for a check up. The doctor asks the first one to remove all of her clothes and checks her out head to toe. Everything looks fine, except that there was a giant letter W on her chest. He asked the girl how that happened, and the girl explained that her boyfriend plays basketball for the school and he likes to have sex with his jersey on. Last night after a big win, they had the most passionate sweatiest nastiest sex and it got so hot, that parts of the W on the jersey melted it onto her skin. The doctor decides that the girl will be okay and lets her go. Next, he asks the other girl to do the same. He sees another W on her chest. He checks her out head to toe and then he asks if she is dating an athlete from this school too. The girl replies, No, but my girlfriend plays field hockey for the University of Maryland.

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