God and Adam

It seems God noticed Adam was despondent. So the Lord God said, Adam, come over here and sit down!. And Adam did so.

Adam, spoke the Creator, I see your countenance is fallen and you seem to feel rotten and lonely. Adam said nothing in response. So, continued the Lord, I am going to create an alternate person who will be with you! Adam just looked puzzled but interested. This person, said the Lord, will take all the raw and tasteless food that you are currently ruining and will prepare wonderful, spicy, and tasty dishes. Adam looked grateful. This person, said the Lord, will be beautiful to behold and graceful and interesting to watch as she walks. Adam looked thoughtful. This person, emphasized the Lord,will be able to satisfy all those dreams that you currently are having! Adam really looked relieved. And, lastly, said the Lord, She will obey your every whim and desire and order with cheerfulness. Adam was really impressed and finally spoke.

O.K., Lord, but what is this going to cost me? An arm and a leg, said the Almighty.

Well, Adam then said, What can I get for a rib?

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