Golfer and the Leprechaun

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An avid golfer hits his ball into the woods. As he goes to look for it, he stumbles upon a leprechaun who is brewing a mysterious concoction. What are you making? asks the golfer. It smells wonderful. This is a magic brew, says the leprechaun. If you drink it, your golf game will improve remarkably, and youll never be defeated. Well, then, let me have some, says the golfer. Have as much as you like, says the leprechaun. But I must warn you, there is one serious side effect. It will almost certainly diminish your sexual desire. I can live with that, says the golfer, and gulps down a full cup. The brew works. Just as the leprechaun predicted, the golfer defeats all challengers and within six months, hes the undisput- ed local champion. The golfer is delighted, and one day he goes back into the woods to thank his benefactor. It worked, says the golfer. It really worked! Im the best golfer this club has ever seen. Yes, but what about your sex life? asks the leprechaun. Pretty good, says the golfer. Ive had sex three or four times in the last six months. That doesnt sound so great to me, says the leprechaun. Actually, says the golfer, its not bad at all for a Catholic priest in a small parish.

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