Good places to party on Halloween

Looking for a good place to party on Halloween? Check out these houses!

Bloomington, Indiana

Name: Indiana University

Location: unknown

This building, now used for administrative purposes, was once a stop on the Underground Railroad. Today, there are many reports of African spiritual songs emanating from the basement.

Elletsville, Indiana

Name: Stepp Cemetery

Location: Morgan-Monroe forest

In this cemetery that is only accessible by foot, during midnight, an apparition of a lady appears on a rock that resembles a chair. On Halloween, many cult groups venture to this place to conduct ceremonies.

Evansville, Indiana

Name: The Gray Lady

Location: Willard Library – First Ave.

When this building was an abandoned train station, many drifters and hobos used it for shelter. During that time, a woman was murdered on the premises, and it is said that she still haunts the building. Her presence is most often felt in the childrens library, and there are many reports of smelling her perfume on Halloween.

Birmingham, Alabama

Name: Parkwood Apartments

Location: 4th Ave. South

During the 1970’s, these apartments were the site of a multiple homicide. In January on the anniversary of the deaths, it is said that the stench of burning human flesh is pungent. It is also said that blood appears to ooze from the upstairs foyer. There is even one report of a woman feeling fingers caress her neck and bosom on the anniversary of the murders. Many believe the apparition to be that of the killer – he was never found.

Driggs Community, Arkansas

Name: Small white house

Location: Unknown

Allegedly, this house is haunted by a very unhappy alcoholic. It is said that there are strange noises coming from the wall. There have also been reports of large pieces of furniture moving across the floor without an explanation. On one occasion an elderly woman was attacked by the air as she was walking to the bathroom. She suffered several bruises but sustained no major injuries.

Orange, California

Name: House

Location: a few blocks from the Crystal Cathedral

This house is alleged to have a haunted bathroom. It is said that late one night a woman was home alone and decided to use the restroom. On the toilet, she saw a smallish looking person. It is also reported that late one night, sounds that appeared to be water dripping euphoniously came from the restroom. When it was checked, there were no leaky faucets. No one seems to know why the bathroom is haunted.

Hot Sulfur Springs, Colorado

Name: Stage Coach Country Inn

Location: Outside of Granby

This Bed and Breakfast is reported to have many phantoms both adult and adolescent. It is said that objects in room actually move from place to place before peoples very eyes. There have been reports of unexplained noises and very heavy footsteps in the middle of the night. Many others have reported waking up in an ice cold room (when the heater is one) and finding unexplained bruises covering their bodies. Lastly, there are reports of walls actually fading in and out, as if ghosts are trying to break through. (Why would ghosts need to break through a wall? Theyre ghosts, they can walk through them!)

Simsbury, Connecticut

Name: none

Location: 15 Whitcomb Rd.

A tobacco farmer, the former owner of this house was killed by an employee while smoking a cigar. It is said that he now haunts the house; he moves objects, turns the shower on and off and even swings in the childrens swingest.

Miami, Florida

Name: Curtis Mansion

Location: Deer Run

During the times when Miami was a rapidly growing city, a man and his wife built this house, and used half of it to use as a daycare facility. The man loved children and when he found at that his wife had had an abortion, he was furious. His rage was powerful, and he slaughtered all of the children in the daycare. In revenge, his wife burned the house down, with him still inside. Today, there are many reports of lights turning on and off in the abandoned house, as well as ghosts playing tennis on the courts located on the property.

Albany, Goergia

Name: House

Location: South St.

This house is said to be haunted my an older, grizzly looking gentlemen. The apparition is not a mean one, however; it is said that he protects residents of the house and even saved one woman from an abusive boyfriend. The man is said to check in on the bedrooms of the residents at night and then return to his own room – the back bathroom.

Monmouth, Illinois

Name: Devils Road

Location: Just outside city limits

The road is marked by the sign of the devil-666-atop a dead end sign at the end of the street. Allegedly, the grim reaper stands in the middle of the road as cars approach. Just as the car is about to mow him over, the reaper puffs into a cloud of smoke. When the victims return the next day, burn marks tell exactly where the reaper appeared. Also on the road is Haunted Bridge. Legend says that young couple came around the curve too fast and fell of the bridge to a watery grave. It is alleged that if one stops their care on the bridge for any reason, they will be guided to safety off the bridge. Bare footprints have been reported on rainy nights. Many others have also put powdered sugar on their car and reported hand prints after leaving the bridge.

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