This hit man decided he needed a new scope for his sniper. So he heads to this new shop that had just opened up and walks in. He introduces himself to the owner and tells him he has $20000 to spend on a new scope. The owner says well i have this new one that just got in, it can see ages away. If you look through that window there you can see my house on that hill. So the customer looks through the scope at the house.The owner asks well what dya see? the customer looks at him wryly and says i can a man and a women running around naked the owner reaches behind his counter and pulls out 2 bullets and says if you take these 2 bullets and blow my wifes head off and that milk mans dick off ill give you the scope for free so the customer loads the bullets and looks through the scope and says ya know what? i reckon i can do that in one shot.

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