Headache cure

This fellow had been suffering from excruciating headaches for some
time, and finally went to a doctor. After a thorough exam, the
physician called the fellow into his office and said, Well, Im not
exactly sure what is causing your headaches, but weve found a cure
for them: youll have to be castrated. The man, needless to say, was
taken aback, and told his doctor that he believed he would try to bear
the pain.

But as time went on, the headaches only got worse, and finally, the
poor fellow was driven back to the doctor. All right, I guess Ill
have the operation, he said. When it was all over, the man was
understandably depressed, and his physician told him, I recommend you
begin life anew–start over from this point.

So the man decided to take the advice and went to a mens shop for a
new set of clothes. The proprietor said, Starting with the suit,
looks like you take about a 38-regular. Thats right, exclaimed the
man, howd you know? Well, when youve been in the business
as long as I have, you get pretty good at sizing a man up,
replied the salesman. Now, for a shirt, looks like about a 15 long.
Right again, the man said. The proprietor suggested, And for
undershorts, Id say a size 36. Theres your first mistake, the
man said, Ive worn 34s for years. No, youre a size 36 if Ive
ever seen one, said the owner. The man replied, I ought to know
what size undershorts I wear, and Ill take 34. The owner replied
Well all right, if you insist, but theyre going to pinch your balls
and give you headaches!

Charlie Neil (chn@lanl.gov)
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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