Headache man

A man goes to the doctor complaining of terrible headaches. The doctor examines him and says I can see your problem,your balls are pushing against your spine, hence the headaches. The man feels releived the problem is so simple, until the doctor tells him that the only cure his to have his balls chopped off. Reluctantly he agrees, and a few weeks later comes out of hospital feeling very depressed. To cheer himself up he decides to buy himself some new clothes. As he walks into the shop the assistant asks him if he would like some new shoes. The man replies yes and without asking the assistant brings the man the correct size pair off shoes. The man is perplexed by this so the shopkeeper explains that he can gauge his shoe size by experience alone. The assistant then asks the man if he would like a new shirt, and once again brings him a shirt with the right collar size without asking. Amazed; the man is asked if he would like some new underwear, the shop assistant brings him a pair of briefs with a waist size of 32 inches. The man laughs and says, Aha I knew I would catch you out, I have been a size 30 inch waist for the past 5 years The shop keeper replies No sir that is far too tight, they will push your balls against your spine and give you terrible headaches!

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