Heavenly Quiz

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Three men are standing before St. Peter while he questions them about their lives.

Both the Italian and Irishman tell about working hard, being thrifty, putting their kids through college and going to church regularly. St. Peter is impressed and, taking them one by one, he says, There is one little test youll have to pass. How do you spell God?

They each answer, G-O-D, St. Peter tells each one, The Gates of Heaven are open to you.

The third man is black and his life story is about being single but living with six women, fathering twenty-five kids (with everyone on Welfare) and suffering from honky repression and discrimination.

Am I ever glad to be here, he says.

A very impressive story, St. Peter remarks, but, there is one little test you have to pass … how do you spell chrysanthemum?

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