Poza publicata in [ Foul Language ]

One day joey,sam, and bob went on a hunting trip. When they finally got a deer and started heading back to the car it was already getting late. after awhile joey and sam started complaining. Joey was tired of dragging the deer and wanted to stop and gut it, to make it lighter. Sam just had to shit realy bad. After awhile bob got tired of the whining and stopped. Sam went off in the woods to shit while joey and bob gut the deer. After a couple minutes joey and bob took some deer guts and snuck up on sam. they placed the guts under sam and went back to finish guting the deer. when sam came back his face was white as if he had seen a ghost.guys i really had to shit and i mean i REALLY had to shit said sam. joey and bob started laughing and asked what had hapened. well i went shit and when i turned around to look at what was in me i saw my guts in a big pile, but dont worry, i put them back in!said sam.

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