I love my job

A man walks into a psychiatrists office and says that hes having a problem with his job.

The psychiatrist asks the man what kind of work he does and the man replies that he is a animal maintenance man for a traveling circus.

The psychiatrist asks what the problem is.

Well, replied the man, Im assigned to tend to the elephants. All day, its my job to clean up the elephant crap from their cages. When we arrive in a new town, I also have to walk behind the elephants in the parade and clean up if they crap. And, during the performances, I have to run out and clean up the ring if they crap. Now, doctor, I dont know if youve every seen elephant crap, but its really huge and it smells really awful. And, thats all I every seen to do is clean up elephant crap. I smell like elephant crap, I dream about elephant crap, and I feel like elephant crap,!

The psychiatrist asked, So how does that make you feel? (editors note: psychiatrists are required to ask that question or they cant get paid).

The man responded, I have little motivation to do my job, no job satisfaction, and extremely low self-esteem. So, what do you think, doctor, can you help me?

After thinking a bit, the psychiatrist replied It appears to me that the solution to your problem is very simple. Why dont you just quit your job?

The man jumped up and indignantly replied, WHAT! AND, GIVE UP SHOW BUSINESS!

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