Impotent Farmer

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An impotent farmer was having trouble in bed for close to a year now and he just didnt know what to do. He ate Viagra like M&Ms but it never seemed to help. Well anyways the farmer had a couple cows that he wanted to breed, and he went down to his neighbor farmer to ask to borrow a bull for a day. The neighbor farmer said yes, and the impotant farmer loaded the bull into the box of his pickup. When he got back home he put the bull in with the lady cows. The lady cows were sure interested in the bull, but the bull would not go near them for some odd reason. The impotent farmer went back to his neighbors and asked why the bull wouldnt screw his cows. The other farmer said Oh sorry bout dat he gets like that sometimes, what you otta do is stick your finger there in one uh yah lady cows pussys and rub it on his nose.

The impotent farmer went home and tried it on the bull, and sure enough the bull got all three cows and went back for more about five minutes later. The impotent farmer was totally shocked. He went home that night after a hard days work in the field, and climbed into bed. His wife was asleep next to him and he got an idea. He figured if it worked on the cow it might work on him. So he pulled down his sleeping wifes panties and stuck his finger down there and rubbed it on his nose. Sure enough he was hard in an instant. The farmer was so happy about this he just had to show his wife.

Honey wake up honey, turn on the light and take a look at this.

His wife wakes up turns on the light and says You woke me up just to show me you had a bloody nose.

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