In, out, in, out.

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According to an article by Francis Baumli in the May 1991 issue of
Mens Health Newsletter, testicles that disappear into the groin
during sex or extreme fright can be quite normal in some men and are
not necessarily a symptom of a hernia, though the men affected may be
considerably worried about what is happening. What happens is that
the cremaster muscles, one attached to each testicle, pull the
testicles up into the inguinal canal. The article concludes with the

Furthermore, according to physical anthropologists, its likely that
Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man had a cremasteric reflex strong enough
to pull the testicles up into the body during fight or flight. Even
today, martial artists in some disciplines practice raising their
testicles until they can voluntarily pull them up inside the inguinal
canal where they are (supposedly) less likely to be injured during a
fight or sparring match.

And I thought I had total control of my body when I learned to wiggle
my ears.

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