In The Closet

Every time Timmys mom had her boyfriend over, she put Timmy in the closet with his teddy bear.

One day, hearing her husband coming up the stairs, she quickly shoved her boyfriend in with Timmy.

Gee, its mighty dark in here, Timmy said.

Yes, it sure is, replied the boyfriend.

You wanna buy my teddy bear for fifty bucks? asked Timmy.

No way, kid. Youre crazy, said the boyfriend.

Ill scream, said Timmy.

So the boyfriend forked over the money.

The next time Timmys grandmother came to visit, she noticed that her grandson was buying candy, ice cream and comic books.

Where did you get the money for all those things? she asked, but Timmy wouldnt tell her.

Well, if you wont tell me, youll have to go to confession and tell the priest, said Grandma, and dragged Timmy off to the church.

As he entered the gloomy confession booth, Timmy said, Gee, its mighty dark in here.

Are you going to start that shit again? the priest replied.

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