Irish dying

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An Irishman was dying and his wife was at his bedside.

She says: Pat, youve been a wonderful husband all these years. Is there anything at all that I can do for you before you go.

Pat says: No Mary, nothing at all.

Mary says: Now Pat, isnt there a thing I can do for you.

Pat says: Mary, The priests been here, Ive been shriven. Theres nothing more to do.

Mary persists: Pat, tis forty and more years youve taken such good care of me and the kids. There has to be one more thing I can do for you before you die.

Pat says: Well Mary, is that one of your famous apple pies I smell baking in the oven?

She says: Yes it is, Pat.

He says: Well, if I could have one more piece of your famous apple pie before I go.

She says: The hell with you. Thats for the wake.

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