Irish man and a sexy lesbian in a bar

I usually dont tell Irish jokes, but since Im Irish I think I am entitled to tell this one:

Anyway Paddy walks into this bar and spots this very attractive girl sitting alone, he tells the barman to send her over a drink.

The barman replies Forget it, your wasting your time, shes a lesbian.

I dont care Paddy replies, Send her over a drink.

Later on he buys her another drink and makes his way towards her. Hi ya doin? Im Paddy and Im pleased to meet you!

The lady replies, Shove off Paddy! Im not interested. Im a lesbian!

But I dont care paddy replies.

Look, the lady says to Paddy, Do you see that tall blonde with the round breasts, and the big red lips down the bar?

Yes Paddy replies.

Well the lady says, I would like to go down to her and give her a big kiss on them big red lips.

To which Paddy replies, WELL I MUST BE A LESBIAN TOO

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