Itty Bitty Machines

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The IBM salesman and the IBM system analyst went to spend
a weekend in the forest, hunting bear.

They hired a log cabin, and when they got there, took
their backpacks off and put them inside.

At which point the salesman said to the systems analyst:
You unpack while I go and find us a bear.

The analyst finished unpacking and then went and sat
outside to await events. He did not have to wait too long.

Soon he could hear noises in the forest. The noises got
nearer – and suddenly there was the salesman, running
across the clearing toward the cabin, pursued by one of the
largest and most ferocious Brown Bears the analyst had
ever seen.

Open the door! shouted the salesman.
The analyst opened the door.
The salesman ran to the door, suddenly stopped, and
stepped aside.

The Bear carried by its momentum, continued though the
door and disappeared inside.

The salesman promptly shut the door on it, turned, looked
at the analyst, and said:

Ok, you skin that one while I go rustle us up another.

andrew@cit5.oz (… Andrew Moore.

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