Jewish gentleman and two Arab businessmen on an Air France flight

Heres another non-offensive ethnic joke to add to the collection. Gregory Peck told this one during a TV interview.

Seems a Jewish gentleman and two Arab businessmen found themselves seated three-abreast on an Air France flight to the United States.

The Jew, wishing to demonstrate he supported the new spirit of cooperation, mentioned to the Arabs that he was going to the washroom and could he get them something while he was up.

In keeping with the gracious tone of the gesture, the Arabs said yes, they would each like an orange juice.

Moments after the Jew had left, the plane began its descent and the pilot announced that they would soon be landing. One Arab noticed that the Jew had removed his shoes during the flight and that they were still right there on the floor. He nudged his friend and suggested that they spit in the shoes. And they did, one large goober in each shoe.

The Jew returned with the juice, which the Arabs drank down in a gulp.

The Arabs thanked him profusely and then suggested that he put on his shoes since the plane would soon be landing. Moments after he had slipped his feet into his shoes, he felt the slime ooze over the soles of his feet.

He sat quietly for a minute, and then he turned to his Arab neighbours, who could barely restrain their laughter, and he said in a soft, sorrowful voice: When will it all end – the hatred, the vengance, the killing, the spitting in the shoes, the pissing in the orange juice!

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