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Big Brother 2 One contestant got booted for holding a knife to anothers throat. But he hopes to appear on COPS.
Tom & Penelope: Theres already a problem. She wants to keep her maiden name if they marry.
The Sopranos Executive producer David Chase has agreed to a fifth season for a reported $20 million. The more characters he kills off, the more he gets to keep.
The West Wing Several of the supporting characters want more money. There goes your tax cut.
Harrison Ford: He helped rescue a lost Boy Scout with his helicopter. After a car chase, a horse race, a knife fight, a snake pit, a chasm jump…
Nicole Kidman: Reports say she and Russell Crowe were vacationing on the same remote, primitive South Seas island. Australia.
Beijing Olympics: Theyre adding several new sports for 2008: the 200-meter Tank Dodge and the Dissident Javelin Catch.
Online movie tickets: Some theaters now let you print your tickets at home. Call me when they let us make our own popcorn.
Maximum security: An L.A. prisoner escaped jail using a fake ID with Eddie Murphys picture on it. From Shrek.
Theme parks: Attendance is down this summer, perhaps due to the price of gas and electricity. But the attendance at trailer parks is up.
Charlie Sheen: Hes selling his sumptuous L.A. bachelor pad. As soon as he gets all the keys back from his married friends.
Americas Sweethearts Finally, the long-awaited movie about George W. Bush and the giant oil company.
Emmy nominations: For the first time, there are categories for reality shows. Theyre not voted on – you race the other nominees to the stage for them.
Jurassic Park III The dinosaurs talk to each other throughout the movie. So did the people behind me.
MTV: Theyre celebrating their 20th birthday. In three years, so will most of their execs.

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