Jonnys Dad

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One day in the class room the teacher told the class were going to play a moral of the story game.

Instantly Johnny raised his hand, the teacher looked over and thought to herself no I wont pick Johnny hell have something to do with sex or swearing, so the teacher picked Betty.

Betty started by saying, one day I went out to collect the eggs from the chicken coop and dropped them.

The teacher asked and whats the moral to that story?

Betty said dont count your chickens before they hatch.

The teacher looked around the room and deiced alright Johnny.

Johnny started off by saying, one day my dad was in nam his LT. told him he had to take that hill and hold it at all costs, so my dad sat down pounded a 5th a whiskey ran up the hill and killed everybody.

The teacher looked up shocked and said, alright whats the moral of that story?

Johnny simply sat back and said DONT FUCK WITH MY DAD WHEN HES BEEN DRINKING.

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