Jungle fruits

Harry and Bert two intrepid explorers are walking through the jungle, when suddenly they are set upon by fierce man-eating cannibals. They are trussed up in a trice and carried off back to the cannibals village,

Here they are stripped and placed in a big cauldron of water, the natives then start chopping up vegtables and throwing them into the water as well. Now Harry and Bert are a little preturbed to be next on the hor deurves list so they call for the Chief of the cannibals.

Well, the Chief comes to see them and asks what they want. Harry and Bert ask the Chief if there is any way they can get out of being cooked and eaten by the cannibals. Well the Chief says there is the ancient test of the jungle fruits.

What do we have to do say the intrepid explorers. Well, says the Chief, you go off into the jungle and bring back a jungle fruit of some kind and we put you to a test, and if you can perform the test we will let you go free.

Seems fair, think our heros. So they agree to take part in the ancient test of the jungle fruits. Well, Harry and Bert set off into the jungle to find some fruit. After about an hour Harry returns with a bunch of grapes.

I have brought these back, Chief, he says, now, what is the test I have to do?

The Chief says Its quite simple. You have to insert all thoase grapes up your rectum, and if you can do that without laughing, we will let you go!

Ok, says Harry. And he commences his arduous task. Well, Ol Harry is doing really well, he gets to the last grape of the bunch, and just as he starts to insert it, he looks up and bursts into fits of raucous laughter!

The Chief cannot believe it! He orders Harry put back into the cooking pot. Tell me, he says to Harry, I cant believe it,how come you got all those grapes in and just as you were about to get the last one in you burst out laughing?

Harry says, Well Chief, as I put the last grape in I looked up and saw Bert coming back from the jungle with his fruit. When I saw what he was bringing I just couldnt stop myself!

Bert is carrying a bunch of COCONUTS!!!

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