Kids in class

It was the 1st day of school. The 2nd grade teacher
asked some of her students to tell the class a story
of something that had happened to them over the summer
break in which they learned a moral.

The first student stood up and said, Well, I went to
my fathers farm, and one day we counted the eggs in
the chicken coupe to see how many chicks we would get,
but that night a wolf came and ate 1/2 of the eggs.
The moral I learned was dont count your chickens
before theyre hatched.

Very good, said the teacher.

The second student stood up and said, Well, one day
my mother sent me to the market to get some milk, and
on my way home, I got beat up by the neighbor bully who
spilled my milk all over the ground. I went home crying
to my mother. And she said not to cry over spilled milk.

Very good, said the teacher.

The third student stood up and said, My father told me
one of his war stories, and it went like this: He was
stranded in a fox hole with only one bottle of Jack Daniels,
12 rounds of ammo, and 2 grenades. Well he drank the
whiskey, then the enemy came. He shot up 12 guys, and
blew up 20 more with the grenades.

Well, what moral could you have possibly have gotten
from such a story? asked the teacher.

Dont fuck with my dad when hes drunk.

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