Kids – The Natural Comedians

Has anybody attempted a compilation of the hilarious things kids do
and say in the process of growing up? If not, I am willing to act as
a collector of these stories. Email me, and Ill repost as the list
grows. To start things off (or to add to someone elses list) I have
the following two stories:

Story #1: Told to me by a former co-worker.

Eliot was about 3 when he and his dad paid a visit to a local mall.
Eliot began to misbehave, so his dad picked him up and proceeded to
carry him out of the store. As they made their way to the exit, Eliot
yelled out, Hey mister, put me down.

[You can guess what they taught Eliot in preschool.]

Story #2: Told to me by a school principal at a panel discussion on
Is your child ready for kindergarten?

The principal was visiting the kindergarten class, as was his daily
habit. The teacher was teaching the children about colors. She asked
the class if anyone knew what color one got when one mixed blue and
yellow. One kid immediately yelled out, Green! The teacher,
shocked at the childs quick and correct answer, asked how he knew.
The child replied, My mommy puts this blue stuff into the potty, and
when I do a pee pee it turns green.

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