Lawyer Joke

A woman diagnosed as having a brain tumor was told by her doctor that she would need the transplant of a one-pound brain.

The doctor then asked, What type of brain do you want?

What type? the woman asked.

Yes, replied the doctor. There is a substantial difference in price.

For example, a one-pound brain of a surgeon costs $60,000, while you can get a one-pound brain of a nuclear physicist for $50,000, and so on.

Can you give me a one-pound lawyers brain? Ever since I was a little girl Ive dreamed of being a trial attorney.

Thats $250,000, the doctor replied.

Why so much? the woman asked.

Thats over four times what a surgeons brain costs.

Do you have any idea how many lawyers it takes to produce a pound of brain? the doctor replied.

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