Lets Swear

Mother calls up stairs, You boys better get down here and eat your breakfast or youll be late for school!

As they are ambling down, the 5-year-old turns to the 4-year-old, stops and says, Today were gonna learn to swear! The 4-year-old gives a fearful look.

The 5-year-old continues, When we get to the table, Ill say hell and you say ass! The 4-year-old agrees with reservation.

They seat themselves at the table. Mother greets them. Good morning boys! What would you like for breakfast?

The 5-year-old leans back and cocks his head… Hell Mom! Ill have Cheerios!

He is promptly escorted to another room while the 4-year-old seated at the table grimaces upon hearing the wailing cries of big brother getting a serious licking.

Mother returns with sniffling 5-year-old. She turns to 4-year-old and says compassionately, Well now, what would you like for breakfast?

The 4-year-old replies, I dont know ma… But you can bet your ass it aint Cheerios!

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