Life on the Ranch. (the "f" word)

Bill, a prominent southern California business man, got stuck in a traffic jam for the N-th day in a row and decided there and then that he had had enough. He made up his mind to liquidate his assets and buy a ranch in the middle of Nowhere Wyoming. Which he did.

He bought a ranch complete with a rather run down ranch house and set about to getting the ranch house up to code. He spent several months doing nothing but construction work.

One day he saw someone riding towards him over a far off hill. The rider eventually got up to the ranch house and introduced himself as Bills nearest neighbor, and said he had been planning to come over and exchange greeting, but wanted to wait for Bill to get settled in.

Bill was pretty excited, as he hadnt really had any human contract for several months now, which was quite a change from his former life.

After exchanging greetings, Bill asked his neighbor what do youall do for some fun around here?

The neighbor replied Funny you should ask. I came over here to invite you to a party at my place next Saturday

Thats great Bill said. I really could use the break and would like to meet the rest of my neighbors. Bill went on What kind of a party is this going to be?

The neighbor said Oh therll be some drinken and some shooten and some fucken!

That sounds great said Bill.

Well then, next Saturday at my place. About 8:00 then?

And with that the neighbor mounted his horse and headed back the way he came.

Bill suddenly thought of something and yelled to the neighbor What should I wear?

The neighbor replied Oh it dont matter. Its just going to be the two of us!

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