Little Johnny: Lovely story

Little Johnny was at school when the teacher asked the class to come up with a sentence or a story containing the word Lovely.

Well, Little Johnny was waving his hand in the air frantically. The teacher decided not to ask Little Johnny and picked Alice.

Alice got up and said, Today it is sunny outside and the children are playing outside. What a lovely day!

The teacher again did not want to ask Little Johnny who was still waving his hand in the air frantically. The teacher picked Billy to tell his story.

Billy got up and said, I went to my sisters wedding last week. The church was decorated with flowers and ribbons. Everyone remarked that the bride and groom made a lovely couple.

By this time the teacher decided to ask Little Johnny since she could not think of anything he could say wrong with the word lovely in the story.

Little Johnny stood up and told his story. The other day I was sitting at the dinning room table with my family. My sister spoke up and told my dad that she had a new boyfriend.

The teacher thought this was great, Little Johnny had not said anything offensive so she made him continue. Little Johnny continued, She then told my dad that she was pregnant. My dad replied, Lovely, just F***en Lovely.

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