Little Johnnys Lessson

One day Ms. Nelson, a kindergarden teacher, was giving a lesson on imagination. What she would do was hold an item behind her back, give a few descriptions of the item, and ask the kids to guess what it was.

First she said to the children I have something long and yellow behind my back. The kids suggested a pencil. Ms. Nelson said no, im holding a bannana, but I like you alls imagination.

Next she said I have something round and red. Little Johnny stood up and guessed it was a ball. Ms. Nelson told Johnny it was an apple but she liked Johnnys imagination.

Johnny had an idea. He told his teacher, I have something in my pocket thats warm and it has a head on it. Well Ms. Nelson got really upset and told Johnny he was to go to the principals office for being soo dirty minded.

Little Johnny then said, No, Ms. Nelson, its a quarter, but I LIKE YOURE IMAGINATION!!!

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