Little johnnys parents

One day at school, the teacher sees cuts and bruises all over little johnnys body. Worried, she asks him what happened.

He replies: Well, my parents are doing renovations in my room and I sleep with them. Last night, I woke and heard my father asking OK? and mom said OK so I asked OK what? So they got real angry and beat me up.

The next day, the teacher sees new cuts and bruises on little johnnys body so she asks him what happened and tells her the same thing. So she tells him not to say anything should the same thing occur tonight.

Next day at school, little johnny comes to class with a head band on his head and crutches with his face all blue and swollen.

When the teacher asks what happened, he says:

Like you said, last night, when my dad asked OK? and mom said OK, I didnt say anything. After a while, they started moaning and groaning but still, I didnt say a thing until dad asked:

did you come? and mom answered

Yeah, I came and I said

where were you?

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