Little Jonny and the word Lovely

One day in school the teacher is giving the class an English lesson. She asks if anyone can give her a sentence with the word Lovely in it twice.

All of a sudden little Mary jumps up and says that she has a sentence. The teacher is pleased to see her top pupil being so conscienious and asks her to tell the class.

The little girl goes on and says: At the week-end the weather was lovely, so my family and I went out to the countryside and had a lovely picnic.

The teacher was most impressed, and asked if anyone else could make a similar sentence. Then from the back of the class, little Jonny the class rascal, shouted out that he had a sentence. The teacher, in a sympathetic tone of voice, said Oh… alright then Jonny what is _your_ sentence?

Jonny went on to say: Last night my sister came home and said she was pregnant and our dad said, Lovely!!! Fuckin Lovely!!!

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