Magic Mirrior

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One day a red-head, a burnette and a blond were walking on the beach when the trip over a magic mirrior.

This little face pops out at them and says if the can tell him one true thrue thing about themselves they can have anyhting they desire.

But if they lie he will turn them into a frog. So the red-head goes first,I think I am the smartest person in the world.

The mirrior said that she could have anything she disired and she wanted a thousand dollars and she got it.

Now it was the burnettes turn and she said,I think I am the second smartest person in the world and the mirrior she could have anything she disired. She wanted a million dollars and she got it.

Finally it was the blondes turn. She stepped up to the mirrior and said,Let me get this straight, all I gotta do is say one true thing about myself and then I get what ever I desire.

The mirrior said that that was correct, but if it was a lie he would turn her into a frog. She started to say what she thought was true about herself, I think….. and the mirrior turned her into a frog.

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