Make Me Feel Like a Woman

A passenger plane on a cross-country trip runs into a terrible storm.

The plane gets pounded by rain, hail, wind and lightning.

The passengers are screaming. They are sure the plane is going to crash and that they are all going to die.

At the height of the storm, a young woman jumps up and exclaims, I cant take this anymore! I cant just sit here and die like an animal, strapped into a chair. If I am going to die, let me at least die feeling like a woman. Is there anyone here man enough to make me feel like woman?

She sees a hand raise in the back, and a muscular man starts to walk up to her seat. As he aproaches her, he takes off his shirt.

She can see the mans muscles even in the poor lighting of the plane. He stands in front of her, shirt in hand and says to her, I can make you feel like a woman before you die. Are you interested?

Eagerly, she shakes her head, Yes!

As the man hands her his shirt, he says, Here. Iron this.

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