Making a century

Joe Goldberg, who lived in a Jewish old peoples home, reached the age of 100 and all his family were gathered around him, having a party and waiting for the Queens telemessage. Suddenly there was a knock at the door – it was the postman.

Anyone here by the name of Joe Goldberg? he asked. One of Joes rich grandsons stepped forward.

Listen, he said to the postman. My grandfather sang in the synagogue choir for many years. It would mean a lot if you would sing the message to him.

Sorry, said the postman, its against regulations.

The grandson took a £50 note from his wallet and tucked it into the postmans top pocket. How about now? he asked.

OK, said the postman. He opened the telemessage and sang in a rich baritone…

Tara te tum tum tum – youre sister Rose is dead, your sister Rose is dead…

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