Markus Pincus the Tailor

Two Orthodox Jews went to Markus Pincus the tailor for new suits.

Listen, Markus, one said, the last suits you made for us were sort of gray. We want black suits, the darkest black cloth that we can get.

See this cloth?” Pincus said, fingering a bolt of fabric. This is the stuff they make nuns habits from. There aint no blacker cloth. After a few minutes of haggling, Markus was able to convince the two Rabbis that this was indeed black cloth and they negotiated a price.

A few weeks later, the two men were walking down the street in their new suits when they passed two nuns. Impulsively, one of the men went up to the nuns and matched his suit against their habits. He muttered something to his friend and they both walked off, much to the shock of the two nuns.

What did that man want? one nun asked the other.

It was very strange, she replied, he looked at my garment, whispered something in Latin and left.

What did he say?

He said, Markus Pincus Fucktus.

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