Poza publicata in [ Bar ]

A Man was walking home one night when he bummped into a really fit woman. They were talking for a few hours and the woman seemed really interested. The woman then came to the subject of smoking, drinking, swearing and lying, and that she disaproved of them. She told the man that she has never met another man that has told her the truth. The man, nowing that the woman is interested started to lie. He told her he had never smoked, drank or swore. Later that night the woman was so imperessed with the man, she took him home with her. After they had done there business the man reached over to his jeans, which were on the floor beside the bed. he was looking throught his pockets, but didnt seem to be finding what he wanted. The woman then asked him what was the matter. He turn around, looked at her and said, F**K i left my fags in the pub!!!!

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