Merry Christmas from Guam

Sent to me by a Guamanian friend …


Tis the night before Christmas
and Santas relaxed.
Guams surf is up–
Santas surf board is waxed.

The Zories are hung
by the Aircon with care,
And the Kiddies all know
Santa soon will be there.

Once the tide goes out,
and hes through hangin ten
Hell stop to see Barbara,
and Charlie, and Ben.

A snacks been prepared
by Becky and Sam.
Its that old island favorite:
Tortillas and Spam.

After giving out presents,
for his surfboard hell reach.
Santas parting remark will be
Back to the Beach!

Hell join all those tourists
who visit for fun.
When it comes to vacations,
he says, Guams number one!

And youll hear him exclaim
ere he boogies away:
Merry Christmas to all,
And to all, Hafa Adai!

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