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Seems the Department of Information Services (Ministry of Propaganda) was out
in the field, taking the Revolution to the people: explaining the
fundamentals of Socialism to the populace to bolster popularity. A member of
the Department was out talking to a farmer in Siberia…

Official: So you see, comrade, dat it iz de way Marx explained: From each
according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. You understand?

Farmer: (confused) Nyet…

O: OK. Iz like dis: Say a comrade has two cows. Ve take one cow from him and
give it to comrade that has no cow. Dat is de Rewolution. You see?

F: Da, Da! Iz good!

O: And if a comrade has two tractors, ve take one of his tractors and give to
man who has no tractors. Da?

F: Da! Da! Is WERY good!

O: And if a comrade has two cheekens, ve give one cheeken to man who has no
cheekens. Da?

F: Nyet! Iz not good!

O: Why?

F: I have two cheekens…

John Field

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