Needs more thinner

Two blokes were painting Concorde at Heathrow airport in London and it was taking a long time. They had just reached the wings and one goes, Smell this paint, it smells like vodka!!

The other bloke says Yeah, youre right, have a swig.

So he takes a swig, and it is just about palatable. Come the end of the shift they have drunk 37 cans of paint between them and they are completely pissed. They stumble back to their homes and go straight to bed, nearly dead.

The first bloke wakes up and hes got the biggest hangover of his life. He climbs out of bed and falls flat on his face. He looks at his feet and he notices that some little wheels have grown out the soles of his feet.

What the fuck … he exclaims.

He skates into the bathroom and he could not believe what he saw in the mirror. He had a 7 inch long pointy nose instead of his own, his shoulders were pushed back and his arms were now flattish.

Oh, for fucks sake …

Suddenly, the phone goes, he answers it and it was his mate from the day before.

Thank God youve phoned … Ive got wheels on my feet, a long pointy nose, flat arms and I dont know what the fuck is going on …

The reply came, Yeah, I know … whatever you do dont fart, Im phoning from Bahrain!!

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