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A Jewish salesman was selling a car and saw a jew pass by. He went to the jew and said would you like to by this car it is a special car. It is voice activated when you say barouch hashem the car starts and when you say hashem achad the car stops. The jew did not belive the salesman. The salesman told the jew to test out the car. amazingly when the jew said barouch hash the car started and when he said hashem achad it stopped. The jew was so amazed and bought the car.

The next day the jew was driving along and everything was going great. Suddenly from all the exitment of the car the jew relised that he was headed for an unfinished bridge. cought up in the moment the jew forgot what to say to turn off the car. he didnt know how to stop and thought he would die. He than decided to say the shemah. Right as he was about to fall off he said the word hashem achad. suddenlt the car came to a complete stop. the man couldnt believe what had happened. He couldnt believe he was saved, and so he said barouch hashem…..

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