News story: Man shot by son over donkey penis transplant

Source: AFP

ANKARA (02-10) – A 52-year-old Turkish man was shot in the leg by his own son over his intentions to have a penis transplant from a donkey.

On two previous occasions Mehmet Esirgen, 52, purchased two donkeys, amputated their sexual organs and appealed in vain to medical doctors to perform a penis transplant in order to cure his sexual impotence.

His family, opposed to Esirgens intentions, became hysterical when he purchased a third donkey on his way home from Ankara and one of his sons shot him in the leg.

For a long time now I have had sexual problems and I have spent all my pension funds to overcome them, said Esirgen. He plans to buy a fourth donkey as soon as he recovers from his leg wound.

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